viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Minutes to Midnight (part 1)

The young woman closed her fist tightly, making a roll the paper on she was trying to draw. She had already spent four nights having the same dream. She tried to move through a tunnel, the dungeons of a castle. Needed to see printed on paper that passage, but the memory found it a bit blurry and couldn't got that had the same look with which she saw in the dream.
She got out of bed with a hint of weariness, she sighed in frustration and threw the crumpled sheet of paper, who stood beside her desk. She glanced at his room at that moment it seemed that everything around her was unreal, like a mirage. The silence there was deathly breath.
She approached the mirror on the wall near the door and studied her face carefully, 'something had changed?' Her green eyes were watching dark tones. Yes, it was exactly that, the image the mirror back at her was not what she projected. The polished surface showed a girl of fifteen, dark hair and albino skin ... A pretty young, strong and healthy. Normal, which meant that the girl had the appearance of most girls of that age.
But it wasn't.
Julia didn't feel like the rest and had difficulty following them. Preferred overwhelmed marginalized before too, and, if she was among the most popular secondary school people, was because Mia was her best friend. Mia, the girl most coveted by any guy at boarding school. The more stressed, that all the girls wanted to be. No, she wasn't jealous at all, but if something would have liked it, was her total disregard.
A noise distracted from her own thoughts, the window to her right. She thought he had seen something fall but wasn't sure. Without warning, the glass broke into pieces. She walked over and stuck her head missed the wood frame, without paying attention to a glass tip with a sharp edge and irregular hung on hers thin neck. There was nothing there that could have broken the window that way and was puzzled.
Julia looked down, only make out the brick wall and placed with other windows like her symmetry. Ahead, a neighbor closed the curtain speed when she glanced at him. Raymond Blackwell had long had an increasingly strange behavior. He was eighteen years and until last year had been his companion at boarding school. Now,  she noticed that when she watched and warned, he quickly threw the black curtains preventing discover what he was doing there, in a small apartment, locked all day.
A knock at the door of the bedroom, made she jumped from fright. She turned around and could see how twisted golden handle down slightly and the door opened. An Irish setter, auburn-haired, shiny and smooth entered the room.
" Tobey, What are you doing here? Who has let go ...? " Julia could hear a noise that didn't issue the dog near the door.
She took a step and the door slammed shut, the glass still hanging over it fell, and sank into her hand. Just might scream as she felt the sharp stabbing glass between her ring finger bones and heart. She raised a trembling hand and observed as blood flowed from the wound. She took the piece of glass and suppressing the wound started to scream lie like crazy. Tobey went to her, watching her like a stranger. Julia looked at him and sighed, glanced at her right hand and walked toward the door.
The house lay in darkness, the long, wide corridor offered the typical image of the horror movies that  the scared girl crossed the aisle and began to pursue the murderer. But this wasn't a film, she said for herself, was her home, and something strange was happening. The most incredible thing, was that it just ten minutes ago, she was stretched on her bed, trying to draw the images of a dream. Tobey went after her, following her as a faithful companion was. But at home there was absolutely nobody.
" Have you learned to open doors, boy? " asked stroking her head with her left hand.
And then the doorbell rang.
Even without washing the wound went to the intercom and lifted the receiver of the telephone.
" Yes ...?"
" Julie, I'm Jan - male voice answered - yesterday we haven't been in anything concrete."
" Come in, Jan ... "- Julia whispered and pressed the button with a key drawn up. As she did, an electric grinding allowed to open the door a push.
Within three minutes the bell rang with a typical 'ding dong'. She opened the door and found the handsome  guy with golden hair and emerald green eyes. The beautiful and sensitive youth smiled factions displaying a row of perfect white teeth and shiny. Slyly examined the house and looked at she again.
 "Can I pass? Or is there a lover locked in the bathroom? "- Julia giggled nervously and asked him to enter.
" Jan ... someone pop the window of room ... again "- said while walking back to her bedroom.
"What? Now? But why?" Jan looked in detail at the glass scattered on the floor and then saw the wound in the hand of Julia - "What happened to your hand?"
" Oh, this ... - she said, raising his hand with care - is nothing ... I just nailed one of the windows ...
"Let me see ... - he held his hand and watched carefully - not a bad injury, still have to disinfect ... do you have alcohol?"
"Yes, but ..."
There was nothing else to replicate.
When Jan was put in its role as protector, there was no way to bypass human. Allowed to take her to the bathroom medicine cabinet and let down alcohol in the wound. For some of the pain just to her but still did not complain. He bandaged her hand and smiled gently.
Julia swallowed as noticeable as the heat rose to her cheeks with speed. Then she got up nervous. She knew tath the piece of glass was stuck between the bones, and that injury, was at least cause hemorrhage. However, upon arriving Jan, had only left a scratch.
 It had been five months since the first time a single wound healed. It was running through a park at night, following a man she had dreamed the night before, without knowing anything about him. As he saw it, he ran and she could not reach. Tripped and scraped her left knee, to her surprise, the bruise was gone in seconds.